Adam Pervez, Ph.D.

I am a professor, explorer, consultant, and speaker. I research emotions at work and the meaningfulness of work, and I provide consulting services to companies seeking to improve their corporate culture.

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Management – University of Alabama

MBA in International Business – IE Business School

B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering – Ohio State University


My varied education, work experience, and life experiences have given me expertise in a variety of areas. I would be happy to serve you or your organization in one of the following ways.


I research the meaningfulness of work, emotions at work, and happiness at work to increase wellbeing and reduce burnout


I help organizations improve their human resources practices to maximize employee productivity and wellbeing


I’ve traveled to over 90 countries on a variety of budgets and I can help you realize your travel dreams


I inspire groups to pursue their dreams and aim higher based on my own life experiences

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